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Product overview - Gaskets

Fibre sheet gaskets

Donit Tesnit BAU-U vezelplaat

Flexind BV has a large assortment of gasket plates. (Fibreboard gaskets).
These are asbestos-free and can be processed by our new CNC cutting machine into gasket or seal to your desired size.
Any shape or size can be effortlessly copied from your drawing or model in no time at all.
Please contact one of our employees for more information.

Graphite sheet gaskets

Donit BA-R grafietplaat

Graphite gaskets, also called nail plate gaskets, are available in different qualities of graphite (nail) plate and graphite foil in stock. We process these into seals or flange gaskets. Using our digital cutting and milling machine, we cut the gasket plate into universal gaskets or any dimensions you require.

A graphite gasket has excellent pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and high chemical resistance. The material is mainly used in the (petro) chemical industry, but also in e.g. exhausts of ships and aggregates. Because of the temperature resistance it is ideal for heavy applications.


Self adhesive rubber

Zelfklevend rubber

FlexInd BV has a wide range of self-adhesive rubber in its assortment. We supply self-adhesive rubber in various qualities. EPDM is resistant to water and other liquids.  EPDM also does not stain and has a long life span.

The most important difference between EPDM and Neoprene is the UV resistance and flame extinction. Neoprene is flame extinguishing but less UV resistant, so it is better not to place it in direct sunlight. EPDM is suitable for outdoor use because this material is UV resistant, but it is not flame resistant.

Rubber gaskets


Flange gaskets, seals and flat rubber rings are made by us in different ways and from many materials. Below are only gaskets made from standard sheet rubber such as NR/SBR, NBR , neoprene, silicone rubber and Viton.

The flange gaskets with and without bolt holes are made with CNC cutting machines. Because most gaskets are made using cutting machines, they can be produced in any desired shape, from any desired material and in any desired quantity. We make gaskets from 0.3 mm to many centimetres thick.

Gaskets usually break at an unfortunate moment. However, we can produce a gasket for you with a plotter at very short notice. If the gasket you require is not in the list below, please send us a technical drawing as a PDF (with dimensions, not a sketch) or in another format (DXF, CAD/CAM or IGS). We will then produce the gasket you require in the desired material.

Metal gaskets

Metaal pakkingen

Cam profile seals consist of a metal core with a comb profile combined with a soft seal layer of graphite or PTFE.

Due to their design, these seals are suitable for use in high-pressure and heat-loaded flange connections.

The advantage of comb seals is the repeated use of the metal core after replacement of the soft seal layer.

  • Easy and fast installation.

  • Possibility of producing partitions, especially for heat exchangers.


  1. Excellent sealing properties

  2. They are resistant to pressure and temperature fluctuations

  3. They compensate for uneven compressions and installation errors

  4. They can be used with all types of flanges

  5. The seal core can be used several times after changing the seal layer


PTFE gaskets

PTFE pakkingen

To expand our range, we now stock PTFE sheets also known as Poly Tetra Fluor Ethylene, a material that excels in its wide range of temperatures and resistance.

From this we can manufacture PTFE/teflon gaskets, rings, windows and strips to your specific dimensions. With the aid of our CNC cutting machine. We are able to cut for you with extreme precision any dimension you require, whether as a ring, a flange or as a shaped gasket. These teflon gaskets are widely used, especially in the chemical industry, because of their very good resistance and gas tightness. In addition, the teflon gasket is also suitable for the food industry because of its FDA approval, among other things. Ask our specialists for more information about teflon gaskets and their possibilities.


Due to the unique combination of material properties, our PTFE virgin products are used in the food industry, (petro)chemicals and machine building.

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