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Product overview - Hose clamps

Pipe clamps


Jubilee® pipe clamps are made of a flexible one-piece steel or stainless steel band with an ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM) rubber liner. The band has a stepped design so that the
the clip lies flush with the rubber liner.
The one-piece construction means that there are no joints, making the clip very strong.

The top hole has an elongated design that makes it easy to attach the clip. The rubber liner is manufactured in a corresponding profile to
secure its position on the clip and provides a good fit, as well as
vibration damping and noise isolation. EPDM rubber offers several
advantages over alternatives, such as a wide working temperature
a wide temperature range, resistance to UV (ultra violet) weathering and resistance to creep.
Jubilee® P Clips pipe clamps are available in all important standard sizes.

Mini clamps

Mini slangklemmen

A durable solution for quick and safe clamping are the Mini Clamps of Flexind B.V.

The ABA Mini Standard Clamp is particularly suitable for use on small, thin-walled hoses. This small clamp offers an excellent clamping force than e.g. screwless clamps.


Benefits at a glance:

Excellent clamping force well above screwless clamps

The band is stamped with the ABA brand name and size.

Worm gear clamps

Wormschroef klemmen

One of the best types of hose clamps is the worm screw clamp.  
Flexind B.V. has a large range of worm screw clamps from well-known brands such as ABA, JCS and Jubilee.

The well-known ABA steel hose clamps can be recognised by their blue housing, which features on both the ABA original and ABA nova.

Besides the ABA steel worm drive clamps, we also have the stainless steel clamps from ABA, JCS and Jubilee. The stainless steel worm screw clamps from JCS and Jubilee are available in stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316.

Of both brands the stainless steel clamps have a Lloyds Type approval which makes them a perfect combination with our Lloyds approved silicone bellows. All our worm screw clamps are available in various sizes. If you are looking for a clamp for a specific application, please feel free to contact one of our experts.



constant-torque klemmen

The constant-torque clamps are a breakthrough in clamping technology. The Belleville spring mechanism allows the constant-torque clamp to automatically reduce its own diameter in response to changes in operating or ambient temperature. 

The unique design eliminates "cold flow" leaks. With its 16 mm strap width and 10 Belleville ring springs, this clamp is the perfect solution for heavy duty applications exposed to temperature fluctuations.

Double ear clamps

Twee oor klemmen

Two ear clamps are for single use and are used for hose attachments. 

The two ear hose clamps are clamped to both ears for extra grip and helps to keep the pressure around the hose constant.

This constant pressure ensures that the connection is both solid and flexible.

T-bolt clamps

Zware slangklemmen

Our T-bolt hose clamps also known as heavy duty hose clamps, T-bolt clamps, or 'Super Clamps' are used in various applications in markets such as agricultural technology, shipping or simply heavy industries. The heavy duty hose clamps are available in many sizes and double heavy duty hose clamps are also part of our range.


Single ear clamps

Een oor slangklemmen

The one-ear clamps with inner ring contain a thin and stainless steel inner ring, which runs under the ear opening.

This means that it encloses the entire hose circumference (360 degrees). The inner ring increases the clamping force. 

The inner ring also prevents cutting into the hose. The one-ear hose clamps are therefore suitable for soft and flexible hoses.

Hercules hose clamps

Hercules slangklemmen

Hercules hose clamps are available in various sizes. All in cast iron. Hercules hose clamps are also often referred to as double bolt hose clamps.  

Clamp set


Clamp sets are available in aluminium and stainless steel.

They are available from stock in diameters from 13 mm to 200 mm.

Working pressure: 16 bar 


Hose clamp with claws

Slangklemmen met klauwen

Hose clamps with claws are also available.

The advantage of these clamps is that they have an extremely high clamping force.

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