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Industrial hoses


Product overview - Industrial hoses

Agriculture slang

Flexind B.V. offers a complete range of of industrial and hydraulic products of the brand ALFAGOMMA. These products are specially designed for different applications in the agriculture and food industries

  • Irrigation & Manuring

  • Crop Spraying

  • Milk, Fat Food and Alcoholic beverages transfer

  • Power Transmission

Betonpomp slang

The ALFAGOMMA concrete pumping hose range offers long service life in heavy duty applications, such as placement, tunnelling and piling rigs.
Both 740AA and 741AA are specially designed to respond to various application requirements..


  • Excellent tube and cover abrasion resistance

  • High burst pressure: 170 bar and 200 bar

  • Lightweight construction

  • Good flexibility

  • High structural stability which avoids kinking, elongation and vibration while in operation

  • Very good vacuum resistance during cleaning


Flexind B.V. supplies fire hoses from the brand ALFAGOMMA. These hoses are flat rollable hoses like the ALFAGOMMA 288HH or the 286EE.
But also seawater hose assemblies like the 230AH. This hose for example fully complies with the standard ISO 15540 extremly strict fire resistance requirements: 30 minutes at 800 °C.

Also an ABS type approval for use in main fire extingguishing systems, water supply and fuel annd oil transfer.

Composite hoses


ALFAGOMMA has developed a range of dock and ship to ship hoses to meet the strict regulations and International Standards of the Oil & Gas Industry. Over 60 years of experience in hose Research, Development and production, assure the right product for our customers needs, in any demanding environmental condition. ALFAGOMMA has the capability to manufacture in light, medium and heavy duty constructions suitable for conveying various fluid products



Specifically designed for the fishing Industry, the fish pump hose is the ideal solution for high speed fish transfer from net to ship deck, without damage. Sea water, fat and abrasion resistance ensures maximum efficiency when used continuously during fishing operations, in all weather conditions. DUNLOP HIFLEX offer the best solution for the power transmission to operate the hydraulic system: POWERFLEXBIO 4000 TUFLEX range ensures extreme flexibility and full bio oil compatibility. The TUFLEX cover, provides the highest levels of protection, preventing abrasion issues in this harsh working environment.

Chemicaliën & multipurpose slangen

ALFAGOMMA offers a complete range of hose and hose assemblies suitable for different applications and a variety of substances in the chemical industry. ALFAGOMMA products are specially designed to guarantee a high safety level in hazardous chemicals transfer according to current legislations

Gas & zuurstof slangen

High-quality Alfagomma gas hoses for transporting natural gas, acetylene, LPG, propane, nitrogen and oxygen, among others. Our gas hoses are also available in twin version. The hoses comply with standards such as EN ISO 3821.

Heet water / stoom slangen

FlexInd B.V. offers a wide range of high quality, safe and reliable Alfagomma brand steam hoses with
different solutions of couplings and clamps to meet the market requirements. This range includes types such as 340AA, 340AH and 341AH. 

Levensmiddelen slangen

FlexInd B.V. offers a wide range of rubber and PVC food hoses that fully comply with the existing regulations for materials in contact with food with various couplings and clamps to meet market requirements. This range includes types such as 400LE, 350LE and 472OO of the Alfagomma brand. 

Marine slangen 6E1AA

Alfagomma's marine hose range includes marine sanitary hoses and marine exhaust hoses with Lloyds type approval for SAE J2006/R2 - ISO 13363/2/A+B. These hoses can also be used as Bilge pump hoses. For example, types such as the 202LL and 6E1AA.


Offshore slangen

ALFAGOMMA offers a complete range of supply hoses. This group includes hose types like 615AA, 715AA and 415LI.



Olie & benzine slangen

Alfagomma's oil and petrol hoses are used, among other things, as hydraulic return hoses, on tankers, in the port as loading and unloading hoses or as Ship to Shore Dockhose. This series includes the well-known 605AA (R4), 619AA, 1TE/R6 but also, for example, the 650AA.A.

Compressed air

Perslucht slangen 185AA

FlexInd B.V. has a wide range of Alfagomma compressed air hoses with an extra long life span in heavy duty applications. This range includes types such as 185AA, 195AT or the 155AA specially designed for heavy duty applications.


Sandblast slangen

Flexind B.V. has a range of sandblast and plaster hoses of the Alfagomma brand with an extra long life span in heavy use. This range includes types such as 753AA, 755AA or the 757AA plaster hose available up to 55 Bar. 

Bulk material

Slijtvaste slangen

Wear-resistant hoses from the Alfagomma brand with an extra-long life in heavy use. This series includes types such as 714HA, 720AA or the 719AA Alfatracto, the most cost-effective solution for handling abrasive materials due to the reusable muff couplings.


Ducting & Ventilation

Ventilatie slangen 171OO

Very flexible and often thin-walled hoses for suction of air, gas, smoke extraction or ventilation. Also suitable for extraction of abrasive materials. With types 178AA & 171OO of Alfagomma.

Water & Liquids

Water & liquids

Flexind has a wide range of water hoses of the Alfagomma brand. This range includes types such as 202AA, 267BE and 2P1AA Evolution extra flexible hose. 

Stainless steel


Flexind has a nice assortment of metal hoses. The unique thing about metal hoses is that they are 100% recyclable. Even outside in bad weather conditions these hoses will remain good. Metal hoses are very flexible and resistant to most chemicals.


ALFAGOMMA industrial hoses

Flexind supplies industrial hoses in various types and sizes from the Alfagomma brand. A suitable hose is available for every industry and application. Large stock, fast delivery and high quality is what Flexind stands for.
Need agricultural hoses, concrete pump hoses, fire hoses, composite hoses, bunker hoses, bulk food hoses or any other hoses?

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