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Metallic gaskets

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Metallic gaskets

Donit Metaalpakking

Gaskets with a metal inner ring offer special protection against erosion when sealing critical or hazardous substances. The stainless steel inner ring provides excellent protection of the soft gasket material against erosion and corrosion, while also preventing contamination to the medium in the pipeline.

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Flexind B.V. supplies a large range of gaskets and seals. Depending on the application, the gasket is made of, for example, rubber, fibreboard or plastic. Below you will find a selection from our range of these seals / gaskets. Such as rubber gaskets, fibre plate gaskets, graphite gaskets, metal gaskets or a flange gasket.

With our large range of gaskets & packing materials Flexind B.V. can always respond quickly and flexibly to market demands. With our CNC laser cutting machine Flexind B.V. is able to cut any desired gasket from the gasket materials. This means that all shapes and sizes of seals and gaskets are available. Every shape and size of your drawing or model can be made into a seal effortlessly. 

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