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Product overview - Moss & Cellular rubber

Neoprene cellular rubber

Neopreen celrubber

Neoprene cellular rubber is a black cellular rubber. It is also called CR cellular rubber (chloroprene cellular rubber). It is a soft and flexible material with multifunctional properties and applications. Due to its closed cell structure, it does not absorb any liquids and is therefore waterproof. Therefore, it can also be used in contact with, for example, seawater, which does not affect the neoprene. The most important property of neoprene cellular rubber is that it is flame resistant. It also has a reasonably good resistance to alkalis and oils such as fuel and petroleum, making it suitable for temporary contact with oil. For the best oil resistance, however, we recommend an NBR cellular rubber.

Rubber hatch seals

Luikrubber type C

Flexind has an extensive range of hatch gaskets. Rubber hatch gasket of EPDM rubber is ozone resistant, medium hard (45° Shore) with a round hole. This hatch gasket is used as a stop profile, filling profile or as a seal in hatch covers and ship doors. Available per linear metre or per roll and available in many different sizes. In addition to hatch gasket, this is also called hatch rubber or hatch cover rubber.


EPDM moss rubber


Moss rubber is also called sponge rubber or moosrubber. Sponge rubber is an extruded profile with a dense and smooth skin all around, but the inside is blown and therefore sponge-shaped.
This material is available as round, semi-circular, rectangular and square profile. Usually the square and rectangular sponge rubber profiles and rubber cords with a larger diameter are made of EPDM rubber. Sponge rubber profiles are extruded and not cut from sheet like cellular rubber.
Properties of sponge rubber include a reasonably high mechanical strength and reparability.

Anker 1
Anker 2

NBR rubber cord

NBR volrubber snoer

An NBR round cord is often used as an elastic band, rubber cord, shock absorber, filling cord or to make O-rings from for decorative purposes. An NBR round cord also called a full rubber round cord, has a protective and shock-absorbing function. This rubber profile is of NBR quality. It is resistant to oils, greases, hydrocarbons and diluted acids and has good mechanical properties. It has limited weather and ozone resistance. The standard hardness of the cord is approximately 70° shore A.

EPDM cellular rubber

801-02-_Celrubber 0423_edited.jpg

EPDM is known for its weather resistant properties. This black EPDM cellular rubber is therefore very resistant to UV radiation and ozone. The material is very resistant to ageing, which makes it a durable solution for your application. This EPDM cellular rubber is easy to press in, has good mechanical properties and a closed cell structure. This makes it very suitable as a seal against dust, air and water. As a sealing tape, this material provides a durable solution, both indoors and outdoors. EPDM cellular rubber is also suitable at colder temperatures, up to -40°C.


NBR cellular rubber

NBR celrubber

The main difference with EPDM or Neoprene cellular rubber is its oil resistance. This NBR cellular rubber is suitable for prolonged or even permanent contact with oil such as petrol, diesel and petroleum. The material has a closed cell structure, is black in colour and is made of the raw material NBR, also called nitrile. In addition to its oil-resistant properties, nitrile rubber is also flame-resistant. Due to its closed cell structure, the material does not allow any liquids to pass through and is therefore waterproof. 

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