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Pipe clamps




  • Bolt hole: M6 

  • Strap width: 13 mm 

  • Material thickness : 0.8 mm 

  • Size: 3,2-65mm

  • Rubber: EPDM

  • Available material: W1, W5


Jubilee® pipe clips are made of a flexible one-piece steel or stainless steel band with an ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM) rubber liner. The band has a stepped design so that the clip lies flush with the rubber liner.
The one-piece construction means that there are no joints, making the clip very strong.

The top hole has an elongated design that makes it easy to attach the clip. The rubber liner is manufactured in a corresponding profile to
secure its position on the clip and provides a good fit, as well as
vibration damping and noise isolation. EPDM rubber offers several
advantages over alternatives, such as a wide working temperature
a wide temperature range, resistance to UV (ultra violet) weathering and resistance to creep.
Jubilee® P Clips pipe clamps are available in all important standard sizes.

Looking for pipe clamps? Or do you want more information?
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