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Two ear clamps

307-01 Twee oor klemmen


  • Diameter range: 3-5 mm 

  • Bandwidth: 6 -10  mm 

  • Tightening torque : 6 Nm

  • Standard: SAE J 1508

  • Size: 3-46 mm

  • Available material: W1

Single ear clamps

Een oor slangklemmen


  • Diameter range: 7,3-9 mm 

  • Band width: 5  mm 

  • Band thickness : 0,5 mm 

  • Standard: SAE J 1508

  • Size: 6-69,5 mm

  • Available material: W4

Anker 1
Anker 2

Single ear / Two ear clamps

The single-ear clamps with inner ring contain a thin and stainless steel inner ring, which runs under the ear opening. This means that it encloses the entire hose circumference (360 degrees). The inner ring increases the clamping force. 

The inner ring also prevents cutting into the hose. The single ear hose clamps are therefore suitable for soft and flexible hoses.

Two ear clamps are for single use and are used for hose attachments. The two ear hose clamps are clamped to both ears for extra grip and helps to keep the pressure around the hose constant. This constant pressure ensures that the connection is both solid and flexible.

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