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Worm gear ABA original




  • Bolt: SW 7 mm

  • Band width: 12 mm 

  • Tightening moment : 5 Nm

  • Range: 15-307 mm

Worm gear  Jubilee original

305-01_Jubilee wormklem_edited.png



  • Bolt: SW 7 mm

  • Band width: 13 mm 

  • Tightening moment : Zie productspecificaties 

  • Range: 9,5 -318 mm

Anker 1

Worm gear ABA Nova




  • Bolt: SW 7 mm

  • Band width: 9 mm 

  • Tightening moment : 5 Nm

  • Range: 8-160 mm

Anker 2

Worm gear clamps

Flexind B.V. has a large range of worm screw clamps from well-known brands such as ABA, JCS and Jubilee.

The well-known Aba steel hose clamps can be recognised by their blue housings, which both the Aba original and Aba nova are equipped with. In addition to the Aba steel worm drive clamps, we also have stainless steel clamps from Aba as well as JCS and Jubilee. The stainless steel worm screw clamps from JCS and Jubilee are available in stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316.

Of both brands the stainless steel clamps have a Lloyds Type approval which makes them a perfect combination with our Lloyds approved silicone bellows. All our worm screw clamps are available in various sizes.

If you are looking for a clamp for a specific application, please feel free to contact one of our experts.

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